Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring has sprung...and that means NEW BEACH GLASS!!

The weather here in Cleveland has been so spring like the past few days! It's just beautiful. I'm certain it will not stick around just yet...it is Cleveland after all :) But we are enjoying it none the less. We had a cook out today, hot dogs and marshmallows on the fire. So yummy!

And yesterday, my husband was desperate to go fishing...so I agreed to wrangle the kids for a few hours so he could get away for some peace and quiet. Now, those who know my husband will know he came home without fish. That is the usual. Poor guy! But he did come home with something for me!!! It was a whole shirt full (his shirt!) of beach glass in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. SOOO EXCITING! How cute is that? He went out to fish, but instead he came home with a bunch of beach glass for his crazy wife :) And oh my did he have some great finds! Many of them were large pieces and the bottoms of bottles which will be perfect for my upcoming sun catcher designs that I have been working on this winter. He also found some truly amazing smaller pieces. He found a rare lavender, a lovely aqua blue patterened piece and some other great ones! There is one in particular that I just can't fathom what it was though.

It is a very large, thick piece of aqua glass. And I mean like an inch thick in spots! Any ideas as to what it could have been would be greatly appreciated!! So off to work I go with all of these great "fishing" finds! Thank you hubby!!


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  2. ^ Wow, JLynn, way to network! ^

    I saw that you're following my blog, and I just wanted to drop by and say thanks! You are my 40th follower, and I'm sure such a nice round number makes you lucky to some degree :)

    I have a lot of fun on my blog, and I always enjoy meeting new friends. Glad to know you!

  3. :) Glad to hear I'm your 40th GabrielGirl! That's impressive to me...40 people following you! I have just started my blog this year and am always looking for interesting new blogs to read! I'm glad I stumbled upon your forum! And thanks again for the tip :)