Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Facebook addiction!

Oh boy do I have a problem...it is facebook! I am utterly addicted. How many of you are with me? I mean, it really is very addictive. You can find old friends, chat, look at pictures, take quizzes and on and on! How does anybody get anything done anymore? Of course there are the occasional people that you think...hmmm, do I really want to talk to them? (Really...be honest!) But for the most part it is such a fun thing! I am the type of person who loves to catch up with old friends and Facebook is sooo amazing when it comes to that!

Originally I signed up for Facebook to use it as a tool to promote JLynnCreations. Now that I'm there though I hardly ever use it for that. I just love catching up. What strikes me as odd though is this, I never used to understand why people would rather text then just call their friend up. Well...now I get it. I chat with my best friends all the time. And you know what, I'm in contact with them more now then I was before. Don't get me wrong...I still pick up the phone and call. But it seems that when you just want to chit chat it's just easier to type. I can hardly believe I just typed that! I don't want to be one of those people! I swore I'd never be one of them. What's next? Am I going to stop picking up books and just read it on the computer. Oh lord...my little ex-librarian head is whirling right now! I need to step away from the computer right now! Really, I need to go make something with my hands!


  1. Hey Jlynn!

    I totally know what you are going through, I think I may have a blogging addiction...LOL.

    Hey I really like your blog, and I would like to give you the Proximidade Blog Award:)
    Check out ozarkscents.blogspot to find out what it is

    Have a great day

  2. I agree, it is so addictive! My addiction is split between blogging, facebook and twitter! Love your jewelry, especially the cut out leaves in silver. I made something similiar in copper in a metalsmithing class (a pendant) but yours looks much better! Thanks for following my blog. I am following you back!