Sunday, February 1, 2009

Featured Artist for Sunday!!


Today I wanted to share an artist who is very special to me. She is my best friend. I have known her for twenty five years now and in that time I can't even imagine how many crafts we have shared! We have been through it all together...and I do mean all! :) Jewelry is no different. In fact, she is the one who taught me all the basics and for that(in addition to many, many other things) I am eternally grateful!!

So, lets take a peak at MelissasMagicSpot! In her shop you will find jewelry for your inner child! Now keep in mind, she actually designs her jewelry with us in mind...adults, not children (although children love her stuff just as much)! If you love micro machines (or if your husband does), barbie accessories and other little toys from your will LOVE her shop!! She is an avid up-cycler (if that's a word), going to garage sales and rummage sales looking for toys from our past and then she creates these creative, fun pieces of jewelry out of them. How do you not love that! My latest favorite is her Dress Up Your Neck necklace I mean really, how does she come up with this fabulous stuff...I've known her for 25 years and she still amazes me!

In addition, she scours the craft stores...well any store really :), looking for unique, fun, or colorful items to add to her creations. I think one of my all time favorite pieces are these Rainbow Starshine Earrings!
Yeah, how great are those! I know! And she's my best friend! So take some time, look around her shop...I know you'll find something to make you smile!

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