Thursday, January 22, 2009

My crazy bead obsession!!

So, I think I probably go to Michaels Craft Store at least once a week, and I am constantly buying new supplies on etsy, and am always looking at all the jewelry supply sites. It's a bit like a sickness I'm afraid! I just can't seem to help looking at all the pretty things. Now, I am usually pretty good about limiting myself to a budget, but that doesn't mean I don't walk around that stupid store WAY to long with all kinds of things in my hands. I'm one of those shoppers that picks things up along the way, walks around and then decides to go put half of it back. (I do actually go and put it back where it belongs though...another sickness of mine, everything has to be in it's place) Very often, when I do these little trips around, most of the impulse type items leave my hands. I opt for the more versatile items and make sure I get the basic findings first. Usually I leave with one little "treat".

So just a few days ago, on my most recent visit to Michaels I picked up these lovely dusty pink Crystazzi glass pearls. Now, I have had these in my hands I can't tell you how many times. The color just calls to's so deep and dusty and lovely. So I'm walking around and finally make it up to the counter...and they are STILL in my hands! YES FINALLY! Along with a these lovely dark green and sage ones too!! Oh my excitement! It is such a silly little thing. But they are just so pretty. They finally came home with me! And I couldn't wait to use them...they are my new least until my next trip.


  1. Those beads are lovely!! I only make earrings for myself and it's 1.5 hours to the nearest Michaels store - but I totally know what you mean about standing there looking at all the beads and wondering around the store looking at the supplies. Drives my hubby crazy!! Of course he can do the same thing in a tool store (but apparently that's different)

  2. Yeah...what's up with the double standard huh? My husband can walk around the video game store for hours! And I'm so sorry Michaels is 1.5 hours away from you! Mine's about 10-15 minutes!