Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Special Featured Artist Series!!

So, since my hubby has school every Saturday, I've decided it is a good day to do my special feature of talented artists I have been lucky enough to find. I am going to try my best to make this a weekly feature, so we are going to hope that three certain little boys decide to cooperate with their mommy :) So for my very first featured artist, I have chosen someone extra special!


I want to introduce you guys to a wonderful artist who has a shop on 1000 Markets. Nine Dragons files her shop with beautiful original oil paintings, art sculpture pendants and beautiful, unique jewelry She is meticulous in her detail and it shows. Her paintings have such a beautiful, life-like quality. My personal favorite is her oil pastel Desolation It is remarkable. Sue's use of light and shadows just amazes me! I am hooked for sure!

She's also a very talented sculptress. She creates these detailed sculpure pendants that just grab your attention. I love her tree frog Fabulous isn't it?

I also love following her blog! Right now she is taking us step by step through her next painting! She has a great way of explaining the processes she must go through to get to the end result. So take a peak! Here's her blog and make sure to have a look around ninedragons shop too.

And be sure to stop back in next Saturday, for my next featured artist!


  1. What an absolutely lovely feature...thank you ever so much!! I really loved seeing which pieces were your favorites too :)

    Thank you!

  2. I was at your etsy shop. Loved the item :) cool blog btw